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Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire

Joana Canélas
Andreas Elvenes
Garazi Gorostiaga
Emilia Kallonen
Hugo Lloyd Winder
Maria Luna
Veronica Mota
Aleksander Smakosz
Karen Smith
Stella Onions
Eero Peltonen
Daisy Rickman
Nazaré Soares
Andrew Stuart-Buttle

“that mourning plants should grow in the open country”
Lament for Ur, c. 2000 BC *
New Moon in Aquarious


In Praise of Brighid

Shadow Work
Path of Willow
Daughters of Fire
Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire
Mystical Medicine of the Rose
Tree Ogham
Astral Guides
Podcast issue 1
The first Lament ever recorded dates back approx. 4000 years to the ancient Sumerians, contains one of the Mesopotamians ‘City Laments’ and refers to a format such a dirge in the voice of a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron, or protector of a particular place, geographic feature, person, lineage, nation, culture, or occupation. Expresses the concept of safety, and thus of guardianship.

sONglineS DowSerS Issue 1: Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire is a journey into the Shadows of our current times and their social and ecological challenges. Embracing grief, mourning and lamenting as powerful healing tools, we dwell on their soundscapes and flow with their rivers... following their guidance for the transmutation of those emotions. The podcast is a journey into Shadow Work and the healing tradition of Karelian Lamenting, bringing along three magicians of transmuting shadows: Veronica Mota from Mexico and Berlin, Emilia Kallonen and Eero Peltonen from Finnish and Karelian traditions. Here, we focus on the relationship between alchemy and resistance within the urban context and ritual lament as a narrative strategy for facilitating expressions of pónos, and techniques of “truth claiming”, for performed speech-acts, weaving those with the soundscapes of artists Espectra Negra, Garazi Gorostiaga, Nazaré Soares, Andreas Elvenes, Andrew Stuart-Buttle, and Ambient Light.

In the Land, seasons open to Spring and the digital pharmacopoeia invites the Yew (Taxus baccata) to provide hope for the death and rebirth needed, with an article by Aleksander Smakosz; seeks the Willow (Salix L.) to assist releasing deep buried emotions and fetch the visions and intuitions needed to navigate through, with an article by Stella Onions; and brings the medicine of the Rose (Rosa L.) to open ourselves to the alchemical arts of the heart, healing the soul and integrating the shadows, with an article by Maria Luna.

In the Heavens, while we navigate shadows, Vesta aligns opposite Neptune during this new Moon in Aquarius. As keeper of the sacred flame, her symbolism and teachings subsist and resist being subdue. The Daughters of Fire is a journey with Karen Smith into the meaning of repressed emotions as the banished archetypal characters of mythology, confronting our most inner selves and the societal forces that seek to suppress, repress and shape our inner fire.

These articles feature works by visual artists Daisy Rickman and Hugo Lloyd.

Be welcome, please gather your inner compass, follow the trail of these songlines, and come wander with us in this medicine wheel…

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Shadow Work
by Veronica Mota
WORKSHOP 27.02.21
Karelian Folk Healing
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