sONgLineS DowserS
Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire

sONglineS DowSerS Issue 1 is a journey into Shadow Work and the healing tradition of Karelian Lamenting, focusing on the relationship between alchemy and resistance within the urban context and ritual lament as a narrative strategy for facilitating expressions of pónos, and techniques of “truth claiming”, for performed speech-acts.

In this first issue of sONglineS DowSerS, successive processes of mourning and lamenting function for engraving traces from the environment as the feasibility for sensory wail to penetrate the body — the sound as a river that carries and transmutes emotions.

This Issue features a podcast with three magicians of transmuting shadows: Veronica Mota from Mexico and Berlin, Emilia Kallonen and Eero Peltonen from Finnish and Karelian traditions; along with the soundscapes of artists Espectra Negra, Garazi Gorostiaga, Nazaré Soares, Andreas Elvenes, Andrew Stuart-Buttle, and Ambient Light.


Emilia Kallonen (Finland) is a folksinger and folk music pedagog. She practices lamenting as a performing artist and a teacher of lament history, tradition, and practice in Finland. She is a chairman of the Finnish association Voices of the Crying ["Äänellä itkijät ry."] which aims to cherish and revive Karealian lamenting tradition in modern Finland.

Eero Peltonen (Finland) explores the historical and mythological aspects of Finno-Ugric, Finno-Baltic and Scandinavian traditions. His work as a healer is based on Finnish and Karelian traditional healing practices. These are his main source of hid healing skills, knowledge, and techniques.

Verónica Mota Galindo (Mexico) is a writer, sound artist, musician, body art performer, activist and teacher based in Berlin. After doing Philosophy studies in Mexico City, she/they worked as journalist and radio producer in Mexico, the US and Germany focusing on socio-political, gender & cultural themes. Currently, she/they work as part of the AHACk: Sarah Connor Has a Dream zine collective which publishes their/hers written text on technology, transhumanism, cyberpunk, feminism & Capitalist Realism. She operates also under the name Espectra Negra in the dark ambient, ritualistic, techno and post-industrial Berlin's music scene. As an activist, she/they work mainly spreading technological, critical and political content online as well as giving community based workshops on music production, collective healing and Techno-shamanism.

Featuring artwork by Hugo Lloyd Winder
Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughters of Fire

"I see in every season, elements of death and rebirth and thus many moments of reflection and release. This moment we collectively find ourselves in, has infinite converging pathways of thought, reflection, lamentation and celebration. "
Hugo Lloyd Winder



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WORKSHOP 27.02.21
Shadow Work
by Veronica Mota
WORKSHOP 27.02.21
Karelian Folk Healing
by Eero Peltonen